Imagine an event without music, maddening right? But is playing music from an Ipod or laptop worth the risk? We can never replace professional musicians with measly contraptions, and if we do, it would be disastrous.
A lot of event planners debate hiring a band or a DJ, even compromising to book both. How do you find exactly what you want? Here are some pros and cons to consider before making your choice.


A disc jockey can play records for your audience in different ways. They can simply kick one tune in after the other one has ended, adding sound effects, mixing two or more tracks or, scratching.


It won’t be a problem for your DJ to play the music you have imagined and can offer limitless music selection for your event. A DJ can maintain constant excitement on the dance floor by playing music non-stop and being interactive with your guests. And a DJ takes less dance floor space and can relocate with relative ease.


if you end up with a second rate DJ who doesn’t know how to work up a crowd, it might affect the mood of the event. There might be some guests that have no interest in dancing and music from a DJ can be less appealing to them.


A band offers great live music. It’s traditional and spontaneous, making them a wonderful addition to your reception.


You and your guests get to enjoy the pleasure of a live performance. They could even tweak the lyrics just for you! Guests can request their favorite songs, and in some cases, guests are even given the chance to sing with the band.


Booking a great band can be costly. Most bands are limited by their repertoire and style, which can affect your musical selection. They take up too much space and their setup is quite complex making it difficult to relocate. Bands usually play 15 to 20 songs then take breaks the rest of the time, so don’t expect non-stop music.

Perfect Combo: DJ + Band!

This is the winning option since you can have the best of both worlds. The band and your DJ can play music together, or they can perform alternately. Have your band perform during your opening ceremony, then let the DJ fire up the reception. This is definitely a winning strategy to engage your guests with non- stop music.

Probably the best way to gauge a musician’s ability is to watch them live. If that’s not possible, you can ask for a video or a link to their website. Aside from musical ability, you should also consider their personality. They should be willing to compromise, they should be able to take requests.

Whether you choose a band or a DJ, make sure to book a musician who can make your event unforgettable.