Hosting an event needs careful planning if you want to make it unforgettable. Choosing the right entertainment is just as important as picking the menu you’re planning to serve. Here are a few factors to consider before booking an entertainment for your special event:

Determine the purpose of your event

You have to define why you want to host an event in the first place. Every event has a unique objective: an awards night, a gala, client meeting, team building, or simply a fun time with friends. You’ll want an entertainment that’s appropriate for the event your planning to host. You don’t want a Brazilian dancer at a children’s party, do you?


right entertainment

Set a budget

Cost is an important factor and it varies depending on the type of event you are planning. It is a responsible practice to craft a suitable budget in advance and learning how to allocate it based on your event objectives.

Entertainment companies will present you a ton of wonderful ideas, but these will come at a price. However, it’s not advisable to go for the cheapest option. Don’t expect to enjoy a champagne event on a beer budget. You get what you pay for.


right entertainment

Consider your Guests

Always keep your audience in mind. Aside from the number of guests, their age, cultural and political backgrounds are also crucial elements in finding the right entertainment suited for your event. Not everyone enjoys listening to loud rock music or have the patience to watch a magic show.
You don’t want your guests (even you!) to be uncomfortable just because you have booked anything inappropriate.

right entertainment

Pick a Theme

If you’re planning to incorporate a theme, it should be related to the event you’re hosting. The entertainment you choose should have a connection to your theme to make it more engaging. Masked musicians would do great in a Halloween themed awards night.


right entertainment

Hire a Professional

Working with well-chosen entertainment company makes your planning a breeze. Needless to say, an amateur and a professional are worlds apart. You want to hire someone who has expertise in the field.

A lot of companies and agencies will promise to give you the moon and the stars, but won’t deliver. So how do you find a reliable professional? Take a look at their reviews. Check their website and find any feedbacks, positive or negative. Find out what their former clients says about them. Check out their profile, photos and videos of past events. Finally, reach out to them. How they treat you as a client shows how they will treat your guests.


right entertainment

Whatever the event, your choices will affect the impression you’ll leave to your guests. You don’t want them remembering you for all the wrong reasons. Planning your special event need not be stressful. Look for an entertainment company that knows how to create an ultimate experience.